Canadian Mining Journal Article, “First” Mine Gets Second Chance, September 2012

By Russell Noble

Canadian Mining Journal, "First" Mine, Sep 12Historical mines dot the countryside from coast to coast across Canada but few have the honour of being called the “first” in their region. Many claim to be the “largest,” “deepest,” or even “richest” mine in the area, but nothing beats being known as the “first.”

There’s a mystique about that designation; something that only historians and a few “old timers” talk about but every once in a while, outsiders appear on the scene showing interest in “first” mines and all of a sudden, the abandoned and often-forgotten sites starts to show signs of life again.

And that’s exactly what’s happening at the Mooseland Gold Property about 110 kilometres northeast of Halifax as NSGold Corporation of Bedford, Nova Scotia, works to reopen the province’s “first” gold mine.

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