About Us

Welcome from the Chairman

“A Company run by Shareholders for Shareholders”

Dear Investors and future Investors

Welcome to our Company.  First, I would like to emphasize that NSGold is exactly as it says in the sentence above: Run by Shareholders for Shareholders.

Allow me to explain: as you can read in our public filings, Van Hoof Industrial Holdings owns a substantial amount of shares of NSGold (more than 50% at the latest count).

As a professional (and often activist) investor, I want to set the right example: my annual salary from NSGold amounts to one dollar.  Furthermore, I pledge that I will not take any share options in the Company.  These options are better used to attract top-quality mining-industry professionals.

This means that the Company is COMPLETELY focussed on delivering Shareholder Value.

In my view, optimizing the share price of NSGold involves a high standard of ethics, whether dealing with counterparties for acquisitions, the environment or the communities on the properties we want to develop.  I hope you recognize the benefits of this philosophy in some of our latest acquisitions and that your investment view fits ours.

As you will see on this website, we try to be as transparent as possible.  The Library will provide you with reports and historic publications about our properties.  If you have any comments or information to add, please let us know.

Kind regards,

Hans van Hoof